Okinawan Goju-Ryu Karate-Do GoshinKai Membership Information

Active Memberships

New Membership
Renewal Membership

Applicants who apply for Active Membership in the Okinawan Goju-Ryu Karate-Do GoshinKai, must be actively training in a traditional Okinawan style of martial arts or Ryukyuan kobudo and be in compliance with the standards as established by the association. They must be continually striving to learn and grow, developing oneself mentally, physically and spiritually .

Individuals who are actively training and hold a current GoshinKai membership are eligible to receive recognition for their efforts and may apply or be recommended for promotion.

If you are submitting your application to renew an Active Membership in the association, please provide your current GoshinKai membership number.

Memberships are renewed annually provided that the membership is not revoked or terminated. If membership expires and member does not maintain an Inactive Membership, a new membership application fee will be required.

Inactive Membership

An inactive membership is available to students who are not currently training under the supervision or guidance of an instructor.

Inactive memberships help members stay connected to the organization while not actively training. This membership supports martial artists who remain loyal to the association and have a desire to stay involved. Inactive members may continue to wear the GoshinKai patch on their uniform and remain eligible to attend association events. Inactive members will
also receive discounts for GoshinKai seminars.

However, inactive members are not eligible for advancement in rank.

Dojo Membership

All dojos or clubs that claim affiliation with the GoshinKai must hold a dojo membership. Instructors may request certification and endorsement of their dojo or club. A separate dojo membership fee is required for each dojo, branch dojo, club, college or other place of training. The dojo membership fee includes one individual membership for the chief instructor or a designated instructor of the dojo or club.

Supporting Membership

Over the years, the GoshinKai has developed many friendships and associations with individuals who share a common set of values and goals. Supporting memberships recognize individuals who may not have any formal training in the martial arts, yet are dedicated to preserving the Okinawan Goju-Ryu Karate-Do GoshinKai as founded by Master Frank Van Lenten. Supporting memberships are open to individuals who wish to support and be affiliated with the association.

Honorary Memberships

Honorary Memberships may be awarded to select individuals, both fellow Karate-ka and individuals who may not have training in the martial arts, who have made distinguished contributions to the propagation of martial arts or to the persuit of mutually shared goals. Honorary members are dedicated to the advancement of the Okinawan Goju-Ryu Karate-Do GoshinKai and offer ongoing support and service.

The decision for awarding Honorary Membership rests with the Director and GoshinKai leadership.

Honorary members are not required to pay annual membership dues.

Additional Information

Membership applications may be submitted at any time. Payment is due by August 31st of the year, with the accompanying dues credited to the current year. Memberships are to be renewed annually. After reviewing membership applications, all members will receive a membership card and a GoshinKai membership number.

Questions regarding memberships may be directed to our Membership Director at

Responsibilities of Membership in the Okinawan Goju-Ryu Karate-Do GoshinKai

All members must obey the rules and regulations of the association, and pledge to uphold the traditions, conduct and code of ethics of the martial arts.

All members, except Honorary members, are required to pay annual membership dues.